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A Stormy Sea by Monet

  • Using the richest reprographic technology available, Verus Art re-creations capture the depth, texture and exact color of Monet's brushstrokes.
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    • Re-creation size: 60 x 73.7 cm cm (23.8 x 29”)
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A Stormy Sea, by Monet Painting Close Up


A Stormy Sea was painted at Fécamp, an active fishing port with sights to see and noted cliffs, all of which Monet painted at various points. In this instance he chose to focus solely on the sea and the sky. What caught his attention were the specifics of the conditions - a bright and breezy spring day, with scudding clouds and wind-whipped wave tops. Some areas of the sea are shadowed by clouds, while others are lit emerald by shifting sunlight, and the roiling waves tumble over each other onto the beach.

The varied and lively brushwork to capture all this is extremely rapid, and could have taken no more than 40 minutes to lay down. Monet’s usual practice was to work out-of-doors and to finish in the studio, but in this instance it appears the entire painting was laid energetically in one fell swoop, a testament to Monet’s excitement in the face of bright, invigorating conditions.



Claude Monet Self Portrait

Famed for being a figurehead in the Impressionist Movement, Claude Monet transformed French painting in the nineteenth century. With a consistent theme of depicting the landscape and lifestyle of Paris, it’s local surroundings and the coasts of Normandy, Monet came to success with his interpretation of the way nature changes, focusing a lot of works on water scenes with reflections.


Painting into his 80s, whilst suffering with cataracts on both eyes, Monet’s long career also paved the way into modernism painting styles which occurred in the 20th Century. Just years before his death, he donated a grand masterpiece - the Water Lilies - to the French Government, which was opened to the public at a display in the Orangerie, Paris, less than six months after he passed.



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